About us

Welcome to Soletica, your go-to destination for original designs inspired by life's pleasures whether it is the beauty of floral, the fascination of owls,  the rich aroma of coffee or even the fun of skull art. 

Established in New York in 2014, we take pride in curating a diverse collection of high-quality products that includes clothing, accessories, wall art, home goods, and mugs. Our mission is to bring art into everyday life and celebrate the creativity of our talented New York artists.

Each design is carefully crafted to capture the essence of our vibrant city, infusing it with the allure of floral elements and the warmth of coffee culture.

Whether you're looking to express your personal style through fashion, adorn your walls with captivating art, or enjoy a delightful cup of coffee, we have something special for everyone. Join us on this artistic journey and experience the beauty and creativity that our New York artists bring to life.