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Parr Name Coffee Mug 11oz W

Parr Name Coffee Mug 11oz W

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Introducing the Parr 11 oz Coffee Cup: Celebrate Your Last Name with Elegance

Elevate your coffee experience with the Parr 11 oz Coffee Cup, a beautifully designed tribute to your family name. This exquisite white ceramic cup features the distinguished last name "Parr" meticulously printed on a pristine white background adorned with delicate coffee beans. With its rounded corners and easy-grip C-handle, this cup ensures a comfortable and enjoyable drinking experience. Rest assured, it is also lead and BPA-free, prioritizing your health and well-being.

The name Parr has a rich and diverse history, originating from various cultural backgrounds. While "Parr" is the most recognized spelling, alternative variations such as "Par" or "Pehr" exist, reflecting the fascinating evolution of this esteemed surname.

Discover the legacies of several notable individuals who bear the last name Parr:

  1. Katherine Parr: Katherine Parr was the sixth and final wife of King Henry VIII of England. Known for her intelligence and religious devotion, she actively promoted education and religious reforms during her time as queen consort.

  2. Samuel Parr: Samuel Parr, an influential English educator and clergyman, was renowned for his scholarship and teaching. His keen intellect and passion for education left a lasting impact on the field of classics and literary criticism.

  3. Chris Parr: Chris Parr is a respected British journalist and editor, known for his extensive coverage of higher education and the academic world. Through his insightful reporting, he has shed light on important issues in the education sector.

  4. Jean-Baptiste Parr: Jean-Baptiste Parr was a talented French composer and organist, known for his contributions to sacred music. His compositions showcased his mastery of harmonies and melodies, leaving a lasting impression on the musical landscape.

The name Parr carries a sense of pride and heritage. By owning the Parr 11 oz Coffee Cup, you not only honor your family name but also celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of these notable individuals.

Beyond its symbolic significance, this coffee cup is a stylish and functional addition to your daily routine or a thoughtful gift for someone special. Its captivating design, featuring coffee beans against a serene white backdrop, enhances your coffee-drinking experience.

Embrace your family's history and showcase your shared legacy with the Parr 11 oz Coffee Cup. With its timeless design and meaningful representation, this cup is a testament to your family name and the pride it holds. Savor every sip as you connect with your heritage and the remarkable individuals who share the name Parr.

.: White ceramic
.: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: Rounded corners
.: C-handle
.: Lead and BPA-free

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